• Dr. Howard Farkas

Overcoming Emotional Eating

I am a clinical health psychologist with a psychotherapy practice in downtown Chicago. My primary expertise is helping people who struggle with emotional and binge eating behavior. During my clinical internship over 20 years ago, I received intensive training in the treatment of eating disorders. I later worked as a health psychologist in a hospital-based outpatient program that specialized in the treatment of obesity, and over the years I have seen hundreds of patients who were struggling with emotional eating and binge eating disorder. As a result of this experience, I developed an approach to treatment that is based on my understanding of the psychological motives that underlie emotional eating, but could be applied as well as to other types of behavioral control problems, such as compulsive shopping, gambling, and alcohol abuse. This approach has been very effective with the population of patients that I treat and I have begun teaching it to other therapists who have also reported success in using it with patients who present with these problems.

My main purpose in writing this blog  is to use it as a public draft for an eventual book, and I’m hoping this will keep me motivated to write something on a regular basis while I receive feedback on the ideas. But I’m also hoping that this blog will serve as a forum for readers to contribute by sharing their own experiences about their struggles with emotional eating. So feel free to read over my shoulder as I grind through the process. I welcome  constructive criticism on the ideas and my writing as I post and encourage you to share your personal experiences on the topic.

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